flake8-docstrings-complete Now Checks for Duplicate Descriptions

Version v1.1.0 of flake8-docstrings-complete has added new rules that ensure you only document each argument, raised exception and class attribute once:

  • DCO025: function/ method has one or more arguments described in the docstring multiple times.
  • DCO056: function/ method has one or more exceptions described in the docstring multiple times.
  • DCO065: class has one or more attributes described in the docstring multiple times.
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Writing Great Docstrings in Python

Have you ever tried to understand a new project by looking at the source code only to find that the code isn’t clear on its own and is lacking documentation, such as docstrings? I have had that experience a few times which slowed down being able to fix bugs and add new features and frequently also meant that the code wasn’t well structured. In this post we’ll look at best practices for documenting in code and its numerous benefits such as helping you be clear on what you actually need to code and reminding yourself and others about how the code works when you come back from an extended holiday. We will also look at a linter that checks your docstrings to make sure they are complete. Your future self will then never be frustrated about a lack of documentation in code again!

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